Flavors of the Table
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About Flavors of the Table

Flavors of the Table begins with the art of healthy eating and the beauty of gourmet flavors. They meet. They mingle. They meld. Mmm.

The lady at the hearth, your sweet, smiling chef, Jodie Kleeman, brings you the savory aromas, the spice, and the joy. Whether her cuisine is cooked in your home kitchen or delivered, Jodie focuses on the quality of seasonal, local and organic foods. Her passion for cuisine gathers friends, family and communities together, each of us offering our unique flavors around the table.

Eating at a Table

Meet the Chef

Jodie is a passionate chef who brings joy and laughter into the kitchen. She has been a professional vegetarian cook since 2002, and has focused on personal chef services and catering since 2005. She likes to look at her cooking as nutritional gourmet cuisine while bridging our local and seasonal California abundance with flavors and tastes from around the world. From her studies in Macrobiotics and Ayurveda to her flare for rustic Italian, Mediterranean and California styles of cooking, Jodie continues to discover the alchemy to perfecting the balance of flavor and healthy eating.


Jodie has worked in all sorts of kitchens, from big restaurants and homes, to outdoor, rustic camp stoves posed as kitchens, and luckily, she loves it all. She prefers working with people more personally and providing them with the nutritious food that they want. She is primarily a vegetarian chef, but is happy to supplement meals with fish and poultry as per request. Jodie currently lives in Berkeley, CA, she is a professional freelance personal chef and caterer, the founder and chef of Clandestino Supper Club and on occasion, can be found in costume as Lady O’Peabody slinging her homemade provisions at the one and only, Lady O’Peabody’s Victuals and Elixirs.


Jodie Kleeman excels at creating a welcoming, nurturing, and expansive territory for friends and strangers to come together and experience belonging and bliss. I’ve benefitted from the rich ambience–which seemingly comes natural to her–while enjoying her kitchen masterpieces that have ranged from an early fall outdoor patio brunch headlined by a massive seasonal quiche, to an exquisite and balanced indian feast supplemented with the best masala chai I’ve ever had (and I’ve attempted many times to re-create it from her recipe).”

-Rob Thoms


Jodie is an incredible chef. I’ve worked with her for over 10 years, and tasted her food countless times, and I am often astounded at how she pulls food together. Her flavors, colors and textures in her food are very well balanced, creative, and on-point. She is lovely to work with and brings ease and delight in the kitchen.”

-Carin McKay

“Jodie prepares food that is both delicious and nourishing. Flavors come together perfectly in a delicate yet confident balance. The taste experience is unparalleled and I would not hesitate to say she is my favorite chef. I couldn’t be happier with the service and food that she prepared, packaged and delivered to me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a high quality catered meal crafted by a top notch professional chef.”

-Lex Rincon

figs n bread

“I hired Jodie to cater two house parties for about 120 people. Her work is excellent and the variety of treats were well chosen. She completely exceeded my expectations and each dish was delicious and unique. We had many guests compliment both the presentation and the menu.”

-Steve Holtzman


Sample Menus



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